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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New York IT Consulting

In today's business technology is a key part of your success. The use of technology is inevitable to ensure the success of your business processes and the flow of information among your organization. To implement the right IT solution for you is a different problem. You should choose wisely the solution you want because the cost for correcting problems created by the use of wrong IT solution could cost you dearly. New York IT Consulting is a leading firm that gives services in IT management and networking for small and midsize businesses.

Once you have stated the purpose or goal you want to achieve by implementing the IT solution, iCorps' IT Consulting experts will analyze and then optimize your existing network's performance. IT outsourcing, consulting and management capabilities are three options that will be presented to you first, but if you want you can outsource your IT department in a comprehensive program. iCorps also provide you with maintenance and IT support programs that will help your IT department operate in a effective and efficient way.

Currently iCorps offering these programs:

  1. Managed Security, is a total service that will cover all of your perimeter IT security needs. You can focus on your business processes let the problem of security be iCorps problem. For a minimal monthly fee you will be protected by iCorps Managed Security from intrusion, virus, spyware and web content monitoring.
  2. iCorps Managed Care, is the most comprehensive and collaborative approach in managing your information technology infrastructure. This program is available in three levels with level 3 is the most comprehensive level of all.
  3. Proactive Maintenance Program, is an on-site approach designed to reduce technology costs by managing internal system efficiently. It is also intended to enhance your system stability through scheduled maintenance and support.
  4. Advanced Monitoring, is a solution that will monitor, measure and track your network's performance remotely and around the clock.
  5. System Administration & Support, this is done by hiring a full-time Application and Database Administrator.
  6. Website Maintenance, is intended to keep your site is fresh, alive and up-to-date by updating and testing regularly and also content revisions.
Now with these powerful programs you should consider hiring iCorps to manage and get rid off your IT problem. iCorps currently located at Boston and New York.