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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ewa's New Hair Style

Hi, this is Ewa's new hair style. It maybe remind you of a football player who currently plays for Real Madrid and is joining Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of this season. I am sure Rina knows the answer. Here is the picture.

Cute huh? Please give comments to improve my hair style. Thanks before.


estra said...

cutey boy... how abt gel glue the hair to get a perfect baby mohawk style? i'm sure mom will love it... hehehe

dewi said...

wahhhh..jadi keliatan gede..:D malik juga barusan dipotong kayak gitu..hehehe


rina said...

hehehe yes i know what you mean bro, well i really don't mind for Reswa using this kind of hair style coz he is little handsome boy...and perhaps he can be as like Beckham hehehe

Agus Sanjaya said...

wah, trims buat komentarnya... mudah2an deh ewa bisa jadi pemain bola en bisa maen dengan Christian atau Daniel Maldini di tim primavera Milan :D