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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Movie Organizer

Are you a person who love movies? So much in love in movies and don't mind buying CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes of the latest movie blockbuster just to ease your mind? Now, if you have many collection at home and you want to have a catalogue of movies so you won't buy the same title the next time you go to the movie store, what would you do? Do you keep note on every single purchase you've made or you keep it in your mind? Well if you want to have a simple movie organizer that really works and doesn't give you headache you can check it out at Bolidesoft.
At first you will be thinking that a movie organizer will force you to fill in a lot of details for your collection, but here's the magic word "NO". Yes, you don't have to type in all details because the software is connected to the internet and automatically download all details for you. You just simply have to put the title of the movie and click on the search button. You can select the online movie database from which you want to have the details. It will also download the cover image of the movie, and all the actors or actresses photos. So it's really just a simple click and you will have the movie catalogue you want.
The software also allowed you to save your movie to mobile devices such as PDA or smartphone. Other than that you can make it more fun using a variety of skins that you can download. Take stills of the movie directly from the DVDs or AVI file so you can remember the movie quickly. If you take security seriously the software also give you the rights to protect your database with password.
The movie organizer is also compatible with Windows Vista. If you want to have a trial before you buy it you can download the 30-days trial of the program. It is up for you to grab in a considerable price. Quickly go to the site and get 25% discount for you who already have competitors movie collector's software solutions. And for bloggers, post a review about the software and get a license for free or at reduced price.