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Friday, July 28, 2006

Milan could be banned from champions league

Milan's fate will be decided on August 2nd by a UEFA emergency panel following FIGC's decision to allow Milan representing Italy for Champions League 2006/2007. As you all know, Milan is one of four clubs who is punished for match-fixing scandal. At first, Milan were not allowed to participate in CL 2006, the total points for season 2005/2006 were deducted by 44 points (this means Milan finished 8th), and Milan started season 2006/2007 with minus 15 points. The four clubs then filed an appeal. The new verdict was that Milan started next season with minus 8 points, last season's points were deducted by only 30 points (allowing Milan finished 3rd and a Champions League spot). This is what the emergency panel has to decide. The same thing happened with Marseille in 1993, they were champions the last season but denied the chance to defend their title the next season because of match-fixing scandal in the domestic league.

In my opinion, Milan will not be allowed to take part in next season Champions League. Well this would be a good chance to take the scudetto to Milan because rivals like Inter and Roma would have to play in Champions League as well as the domestic league. But whatever happens I think Milan have to show them that we are not what they think we are, we play with dignity and always play it fair. Forza Milan!


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