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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Good Is Camp Software?

by: Rudy Silva

If you own a camping company, no doubt you need camp software. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people rely on the convenience, comfort and rapid exchange of information through the latest technology.

Campers prefer to connect with the camping company via visiting their official website. Hence, it is vital that as an owner of a camping company, you are able to make information available at any time to your campers.

Some of this information includes online camp registration, photo and e-mail services, and online camper accounts. Parents as well as all participants can have convenience in registering at anytime and anywhere, complete with e-mail confirmation receipts. Your camp software should be able to do this plus the chance to edit information with simple editing tools for non-technical staff.

For photos taken during the camping activities, most campers find it very attractive to be able to upload such photos for sharing with friends and family. And what better way of informing friends and family that your campers have photos to share if not through an e-mail supported by your website?

To enhance the customer service of your camping company, you should have the online camper accounts enabled in your website and which is provided by your boot camping software. In this feature, your campers can process secure payments online by credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks, view their balances and print statements and invoices online. And if there are discounts and any codes to be applied, your system can handle this.

Nonetheless, the camping software must not only benefit of your campers, after all, it is your duty to maintain organized data management for better management of camp operations. Some of the applications or features that you should look for in shopping for the most appropriate software for your camping company are staff and prospect application management, merchandise and camp store, program management, marketing solutions.

In staff and prospect application management, the software must allow you to manage staff and participant information in the database It must also allow your prospective staff to apply in customizable applications online, track status on applicants and hiring, schedule dates and time for interviews, and record notes about the interview.

Your camp software should enable you to sell products such as souvenirs, gears and equipment that can be viewed, while campers register online and in person. Sales of products must also be completed online and on the site. And if parents would like to put money into a camp store account, they should be able to do so without hassles. They can also view purchase history from their account.

Data management is very important. If your camp software does not allow you to manage with ease dates on activities, information on the capacity and availability of cabins and bunks, and monitor groups and their activities, you should choose one that does.

Finally, there should be marketing solutions to increase your profits. You can do this via sending your packages by e-mail, online advertising, referral system and more. Some camp software provides additional features to their customers as part of providing quality services.