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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reswa's first post

Ello, this is Reswa speaking... oopss sorry writing...
Well maybe not entirely true, I told my dad to write these words for me.
As you all probably know I am only six months old, how could I possibly posting
blogs? This blog is suppose to be my blog, but my father put a lot of football
stories. You have to forgive him for that, because he is a big fan of a game where
people running around chasing one ball and try to put it into the opponent's goal.
I don't really understand the game, but don't tell my dad because he has
explained it to me over and over again until I sleep. I suppose this is his version
of bedtime stories.
Huh, for now I just have to listen to it all, after all what can I do I am just a baby.
If you feel sorry for me please tell my dad (hahahaha I'm just kidding, I love my
dad so much). That's all for now, wait for my next post. Bye.