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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ronaldinho to Milan?

According to a Spanish newspaper, Milan is ready to launch an impossible bid to sign Barcelona's star, Ronaldinho. The move would cost Milan 100 million euros. To finance this signing Milan would have to sell a star player, and right now their most valuable star is Kaka. Should Milan decided to sell him, Real Madrid would be the destination for Kaka. Capello has long been known as Kaka's admirer, and he would love to have him in the heart of Madrid's midfield. If this deal goes through Milan will get 50 million euros to their account.

Ronaldinho probably the most popular footballer in the world today, but to exchange it with Kaka Milan would make a mistake. Kaka is a lot younger than Ronaldinho and has proven to be Milan's main protagonist for the past two seasons. Forza Kaka!